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Modern Iluminations LED


Great LED illumination on the Marriott Hotel in Warsaw, over 1200 lamps. Many animations and screen. Marriott's feast or marketing texts, timely date, time and temperature on this building are good visibility 10 km (6,2 miles) from here. A power of totality illumination: 4 kW. Date of install: 2004-2005.

Blue City

It is a new stage of big illuminations on the Blue City Shopping Centre in Warsaw. A ten animated Christmas stars on LED-RGB technology, used at Christmastime.

KEN Center

The KEN Center in Ursynow, district of Warsaw.  A white LED lines and Christmas season decorations.


A celebrated multiplex in Warsaw. On Christmas season white animated LED lamps and stars. On a courtyard are seven animated LED garlands under sky, whole year.

CH Manufaktura w Łodzi

White LED lamps on the roof are a steady decoration. A blue logo cartoon of Manufaktura and animated curtains are season decorations, used at Christmastime.

Terminal 2 - Port Lotniczy Okęcie w Warszawie

Season animated decorations used at Christmastime. A white LED lines and stars.

City Gate

The City Gate - office center near Ogrodowa  Street in Warsaw. A white LED lines and animated stars used at Christmastime.

CFP w Warszawie - siedziba centrali PKO BP

Great blue LED illumination on this office building and white LED screen are well-known in Warsaw. It is first bigger LED illumination in the city.

Biurowec Sonata

Interesting LED animated lines in new technology. A very varied scale of lights.

Millenium Plaza

The Millenium Plaza tower, a white LED lines and Christmas stars, season decorations.

Galeria Olimp

The Olimp Shopping Mall in Minsk Mazowiecki, a white LED lines and Christmas season

Biurowiec Kolporter w Kielcach

White LED illumination on the roof is a steady decoration. A small white lines and trees are season decorations used at Christmastime.

Błekitny Wieżowiec na Placu bankowym w Warszawie

   The first LED illuminations of Neo Company in 2004. LED lines are steady decoration.

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